Governance & Public Disclosure

Above documents with World Wide Web locations are designated as "widely available" documents. They can be accessed and downloaded from the website indicated by searching under "Dakota 911 Conference". The Guidestar website will require registering for a free account.

Documents indicating "Contact Us" are obtained directly from the corporation's Secretary. Preferred method to obtain these documents is electronic. Documents obtained electronically will be in .pdf format without charge.

The above is designed to inform interested parties of essential information of this nonprofit, tax-exempt public charity. As always, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us with them.

As a Nonprofit, Tax Exempt, Public Charity the Dakota 911 Conference, Inc. is required to comply with certain governance practices and disclose specific documents to the public. This page details our compliance and provides instructions on accessing the required public information documents.


The Dakota 911 Conference, Inc. complies with governance practices required by the IRS as detailed below:

    • It has a written mission statement that articulates its current I.R.C. § 501(c)(3) purpose.

    • Its bylaws set forth the composition, duties, qualifications, and voting rights for the members of the board and officers.

    • Copies of the most recent versions of its articles and bylaws are provided to all board members and the general public.

    • A quorum of board members meets or exceeds the meeting requirements set forth in its bylaws.

    • Its directors and officers serve without compensation.

    • It has and adheres to a written conflict of interest policy.

    • Prior to filing, the full board reviews its Form 990-EZ.

    • It has and adheres to a written policy for document retention and destruction.

    • Its board contemporaneously documents its meetings and retains the documentation.

Public Disclosure

In general, the Dakota 911 Conference, Inc. must make available for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and must provide copies of such returns and applications to individuals who request them. Copies are provided immediately in the case of in-person requests, and within 30 days in the case of written requests. The corporation will charge a reasonable copying fee (currently $.20 per page) plus actual postage, if any when providing physical copies. Normally, though, it will provide electronic copies in .pdf format without fee. It does not have to comply with individual requests for copies for documents made widely available. Documents considered widely available are those posted on a readily accessible World Wide Web site.

In compliance with these requirements, the Dakota 911 Conference, Inc. makes the following documents available for public disclosure at the location indicated: